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Examples of our Client Projects?

Because we are a marketing strategy based company, our work reflects the personality of the client and the client's business and not our own. Many agencies and graphic designers produce beautiful work and fill space with wonderful words but unless the image and words are based on a sound marketing strategy and accomplish the goals of the client, they are art, not marketing, no matter how pretty.

Without an explanation of the strategy, purpose, budget and long range results, the actual piece is a small part of the big puzzle. However, if we presented strategy as explanation, we would jeopardize client confidentiality and perhaps competitive advantage.

But… we present some of those pieces of the puzzles only as examples of the challenges we face with businesses in defining unique marketing images that are more than pretty pictures or shapes. Consider, as you look at each, the conscious and subliminal impressions and conclusions you draw and the assumptions you make. Client logo examples, click here.

We also invite you to see some clients' web sites as linked on the Internet Marketing page.

Of course, when we meet with prospective clients, one on one, we offer examples in our portfolio which allows us to also discuss background information within the appropriate context.

To see a couple of our own marketing postcards, move your mouse over the photo below. Each time you move your mouse off the image and back on again, the image will change. There are four currently available.

Specializing in Image, Ink, and Internet, our services include

Evaluation of your current program and marketing pieces
  • Sensible marketing strategies
  • Innovative solutions
  • Creative graphic design
  • Image development and logo design
  • Customer profile identification
  • Brochures (and how best to use them)
  • Internet Marketing & Web page design
  • Print advertising
  • Yellow pages : unbiased evaluation, knowledgeable recommendations, professional quality layout design
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Targeted direct mail
  • Newsletters
  • Sales/presentation training
  • Internal processes, procedures, policies, space utilization and display analysis
  • Research & evaluation of potential markets for new products or services: local and/or regional
  • Project management including vendor coordination: photography, copy writing and editing, printing, mailing lists, distribution, and results measurement.

  • <"Builders' Business" division specifically tailored for construction related businesses.

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